Gaining confidence

Gaining confidence in speaking does take time , however there are some tips that can help you get more confident in a quicker and more productive way .

Tip 1 Body Language is the first thing you should look at , this skill makes up 55% of your speech with the correct movement a non verbal communication or even the correct facial expression in line with your speech can make a big difference.

Tip 2 Smile yes a simple smile in between you speaking can show that the speaker is both relaxed and looks confident . You don’t have to look too scary just a soft smile to show you are relaxed and enjoying your speech even though you will be trying to remember what’s next , again you should know your speech.

Tip 3 Lots of practice is needed not just on your delivery but on your timing , on our vocals . A good way to do this is with your laptop as you can record and playback, you don’t have to play all the speech back just the part or parts you need work on , sometimes playing the speech back you can see the things that don’t work in the body or structure .

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