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Speak with confidence

Who are we?

Southside Speakers is a public speaking club located on the south side of Glasgow. The club is part of Toastmasters International, a not for profit worldwide organisation to help people develop their communication and leadership skills.

Read more about us and what we offer by exploring our website and read about how Southside Speakers can help you. Whether to develop your public speaking skills, socialise, or just experience the funny side- we are known to be the funniest club in Scotland- come to a meeting to find out why!

Why do people come to Southside Speakers?

Some of the ways we can help you

Find your Voice

Develop Confidence

Can’t speak up in meetings?  Worried about that Presentation? Our club can help you to become a more confident speaker.

Get your message across

Make it interesting

We help you to get your message across whether it is a TED talk, internal presenataion or just speaking to colleagues.  Learn the techniques. 

Learn Leadership skills

Become a Leader

Great leaders have great communication skills, which is central to our club.  We also provide training and opportunity in Leadership.

How do we do it?

A Typical Meeting

Prepared Speeches

Learn how to put a speech together with our online training called Pathways. Get your message across and develop confidence by just doing it.

Table Topics

Think on your feet with our impromptu speaking sessions. There is no obligation for newcomers to speak, so don't worry! These help you to cope with interviews, networking and general conversations.


We learn by doing but we also learn from each other. Everything you do will receive feeback so you can learn and improve. This is always done in a positive way so you can see what you did well and get some tips for making it better.

Meeting Helpers

Another impportant part of the learning experience is to take on a meeting role to help the meeting run smoothly. You can be Evaluator, Grammarian or that funny thing called the "ah" counter!

The Toastmasters learning experience is about going at your own pace.  When you visit us, you do not have to speak but we do encourage you to do so.  If asked to say something and you don’t feel comfortable, just say “pass”.  All our members were once
first-timers and we understand.  Don’t let worrying about speaking put you off visiting.  You might surprise yourself!

Visit us with no obligation to speak!

Our Next Meeting is on:
  • 13th August 2020

Who are we?

Meet our Committee

will big 2


Will Feek

My job is to make sure the finances of the club are up to date and in order.

website pic2 paul


Paul Whitehead

I make up the Agendas for the meetings and try to make sure everyone is given the opportunity to develop the skills they came here to work on. I also ensure that as a committee we help run the club .

vic2 webisite

Vice President education

Victor Timmers

My Job is to help get the new members through the pathways education program and help get our new member mentors to help them with there roles and give them guidance on there first few speeches  . 

ian big1



It is my job to make sure that the club is promoted both online and in the media on all platforms .  

We are part of Toastmasters International

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Hear what they have to say about Us!

"I really like being a member of Toastmasters and Southside Speakers is a really friendly place to be. I have learned so much and it's really good and Pathways is wonderful."
Member Member
Member since 2018
"I joined Southside Speakers because I needed to give presentations at work and found it really difficult.  I've already learned so much and have taken on more."
Member since 2016
"I've been a member of a Toastmaster Club for nearly 20 years.  I love seeing people grow and develop.  For me, I keep coming for the social aspects."
Member since 2019
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