Six tips for public speaking.

You looking for tips on how to deliver your speech ? here is a few tips to set you on your way .

(1) Preparation is everything .

Spending time writing and practising your speech so that it has a natural flow , you can use props and add your personal stories . You may want to watch videos’ of speakers to help you be inspire but always be yourself when you deliver your speech .

(2) Use your talents

If you have great humour use it in your speech or you may have nice vocals work to your strengths’ to help you deliver a great speech.

(3) Invest in your audience

Knowing your audience is important , your opening remarks can help set your message up for your speech to have a bigger impact therefore your audience will relate to your clear message .

(4) Get comfortable with your environment .

If you are delivering a speech or presentation at a venue its worth having a visit beforehand this will help, you be more relaxed and you can check out the layout of the stage.

(5) Appearance

Turning up and looking smart can give your audience a good first impression of who you are depending  on the age group or organization  you are speaking at .

(6) Start with a smile

Starting with a smile will not only relax you as a speaking but also will put your audience at ease and they will smile back at you , this will let you feel connected , relaxed and confident.

These are just a few tips to help you along the way but if you come along to our meetings or join toastmasters you will learn amazing skills which will enhance and help you create that all important awesome speech that you want to deliver .





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