Toastmasters is a "learn-by-doing" club in which men and women hone their speaking skills in a comfortable, friendly atmosphere. A typical club has 20 to 40 members (Southside Speakers currently has 27 members) who meet twice a month to learn and practice public speaking techniques. The average club meeting lasts approximately two hours.

Why not come along to the next meeting of Southside Speakers? If you are over 18, male or female, you will be made most welcome. Please feel free to attend any Club meeting or indeed several Club meetings without an obligation to join. Of course to benefit fully we would hope that you would become a Southside Speakers Member.

New Toastmasters gradually work their way through a series of 10 short speeches each targeting a particular area of speaking development. After each speech you will be given positive constructive feedback on your speaking strengths and areas to focus on in future speeches.
You work at your own pace, with no pressure, and there is always plenty of help available from other club members. In the process, you will learn how to organise a speech, how to use gestures, how to speak with conviction and sincerity and how to motivate your audience. You will develop listening and analytical skills as you too learn to help others develop their communication abilities.

As you learn your speaking strengths, and realise the skills you already possess so too your self-confidence will grow. Through repeated use of your speaking skills you will develop and grow in ways that a one-off training course or program could never hope to address. All of this in a positive, fun and supportive learning environment which is repeated in Clubs throughout the world.